RDI Implements Technology Solutions to Expand a Large Physician’s Partner Group’s Footprint

Technology Challenge

In a competitive environment, a large physician’s partner group wanted to expand its footprint of Primary Care Doctors, Specialists, and long-term care facilities by taking advantage of Stark Law relaxation and technology. The objective was to create a “single EMR Record” environment where the patient’s transitions of care are managed between providers.

Our Approach

RDI’s understanding of clinical workflows and the importance of the effective use of health information technology allows us to support and implement technology without interrupting patient care. This strategy simultaneously ensures improved outcomes for every patient. Additionally, RDI possesses a deep understanding of government regulations around HIPAA compliance and meaningful use.

With our methods, the physician’s partner group was able to integrate the following improvements to their systems:

  • network monitoring and support
  • troubleshooting for anti-virus
  • firewall and Citrix issues
  • ongoing technical support for affiliate offices
  • gaining access to an internal support team for on-demand software assistance

Success Results

Overall success results included:

  • The impact of this initiative increased customer satisfaction by 55%
  • Raised affiliate physician recruitment by 130%
  • Augmented a 90% retention rate for all affiliate physicians.

This success allowed the network to implement one of the first and largest Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) in the USA.

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