RDIT Tech Tales: A Thriving Partnership Through the Decades

RDIT Tech Tales: A Thriving Partnership Through the Decades

There are few IT MSPs who can say they’ve had relationships with their clients for decades”: RDIT and Custom Distributors’ partnership began more than two decades ago. Custom Distributors is a local Cincinnati, OH distributor of kitchen appliances direct to consumers, builders, interior designers, and other professional contractors. RDIT’s relationship began with Custom Distributors years ago when they had only one location and needed assistance implementing their accounting ERP System. Since then Custom Distributors has expanded to four locations (and a large state of the art warehouse) within OH and FL, and RDIT has been alongside them in their growth, providing support in infrastructure, networking services, hardware, and more.

Custom Distributors had issues with phone connectivity during a system implementation being performed by their phone service provider. With a core system to their business inoperable, the Customer Care Center was unable to respond to calls for scheduled showroom appointments and other revenue-generating activities. Custom Distributors quickly called RDIT who immediately coordinated with the phone service provider to customize the new equipment settings and get their phones back up and running, helping to not only ensure accessibility for potential sales opportunities but also reduce non-productive payroll hours.

RDIT and Custom Distributors are continuously working together to advance technologies, increase sales opportunities, and decrease overall spend. In addition to the recent phone system update, Custom Distributors also partnered with RDIT to implement customized inventory processes and reporting through their ERP system, allowing for automated inventory tracking. With this tailored module, Custom Distributors has revamped their inventory audit processes, moving away from freezing all inventory and pausing all incoming and outgoing shipments for the (dreaded) “all-hands on deck” approach of manual counting and reporting inventory. RDIT’s partner can now seamlessly freeze specific SKUs for quick product audits on a more regular basis. This new strategy not only removes the burden of manual labor and human-errors in a rushed process, but also allows for flexibility in staffing, continued outbound shipments, and the receiving of new products without adversely impacting inventory counts.

In addition, because of the flexibility of the system to freeze only specific assets during an audit, Custom Distributors has been able to reduce required overtime during inventory audits as well as decrease the amount of products written-off:

“The new ability to freeze only parts of our stock has also given us the time to inspect potential issues in far greater detail knowing that the project can extend beyond a single business day. This is just one of many examples where RDIT has improved efficiency in our operations, directly resulting in a more profitable way of doing business… RDIT’s deep understanding [of our ERP] improves our profitability and keeps RDIT far in front of other competitors in the IT marketplace.”

When Custom Distributors was asked about their partnership and experience with RDIT, here’s what they had to say:

“RDIT will take time to understand your business to offer tailored solutions while working on your schedule to implement them; all with great communication. [Our relationship could be described as,] “Personal”. We have a great relationship, both personally & professionally, with [RDIT] after having worked with them for so long. Coupled with their expertise it makes working with RDIT a no-brainer.”

Thanks Custom Distributors – RDIT is proud, humbled, and appreciative to be a part of your journey and growth!

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