We Are a Team of Experienced Technology Professionals

We work to methodically improve your bottom line by finding ways
to maximize productivity, IT resources, and IT spend.

Cut your costs
+ eliminate
unplanned expenditures

Decrease user
difficulties and
overall downtime

Adjust your scale
according to
business needs

Enhance security
capabilities and
business continuity


IT Assessments

Our capabilities span from IT ecosystem design to anti-spam, malware products, and wireless site surveys. Our services implement credible solutions to an array of different technology areas including security assessments and compliance solutions that detect and prevent setbacks before they happen. We operate on this holistic approach to ensure every step goes off without a hitch.

Hybrid & Outsource Staffing

The success of an IT strategy or project depends on the ability to deliver on time and within the budget. With IT innovations, technology needs of an organization are always changing. We can help to identify the “skill gaps” and provide valuable insights for your in-house hiring needs or outsource options.

Business Continuity Management

Your employees are critical to daily operations. Loss or failure of their PCs can mean lost business, loss of critical data, and work stoppage. Additionally, ransomware attacks, with the potential to lock up a number of PCs, exponentially increases this risk. How long can you afford to have these employees down? What is the cost of the lost data on their PCs? And what is the impact on your business operations?

It is impossible to take the guesswork out of WHEN a disaster might occur. However, with Business Continuity strategies and tested plans for your company and technology, you have the confidence that you can recover and get your employees back to business without skipping a beat, exactly as they were before.

Our Business Continuity Services Include:

  • File and Folder Recovery
  • Cloud Virtualization
  • Device Recovery

IT Project Services

With over 40 years of experience in information systems, RDI’s team is equipped to plan, scope, deploy, and maintain your personalized Information Technology Eco-system.

Once the human element has been introduced to your network and business processes, security awareness training should not be far behind. RDI offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity by equipping our clients with the ability to train and assess their networks and employees against know security threats and attacks.

Our IT Project Services Include:

  • IT Ecosystem Design, Build & Implementation
  • LAN & Wireless
  • Site Surveys
  • Voice & Data Grade
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Anti-Spam & Malware
  • Products & Services
  • Firewall, VPN & Remote
  • Access Solutions
  • Security Assessments & Compliance Solutions
  • Secure Mobile
  • Device Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solutions

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We are here to help you make smarter technology decisions, increase ROI, and continuously improve.