Law firms face unprecedented challenges in the ever-evolving legal industry, including their IT needs. With the increasing volume of data, security concerns, and the need for seamless communication, legal practices must adapt to and embrace technology to stay ahead. By partnering with RDI Intuitive Technical and leveraging our expertise we’ll help your legal practice achieve streamlined IT infrastructure, improved data security and compliance, and peace of mind with 24/7/365 IT Services, allowing you to focus on your core competencies: providing top-notch legal services to your clients and enhancing client satisfaction.


Data Security & Compliance

Confidentiality and data security are paramount in the legal industry. Legal firms deal with sensitive client information daily, making them high-potential targets for cyberattacks. RDIT’s expertise in Cybersecurity includes but is certainly not limited to implementation of robust security measures, advanced firewalls, encryption, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Have peace of mind knowing we’ll conduct penetration and vulnerability testing, followed by End-User Security Awareness Training so all users are aware of bad actors, common phishing scams, and the risks associated with each. RDIT also assists with Cybersecurity Assessments, Compliance Support, and other data protection requirements to help your firm avoid costly legal consequences.

24/7 Managed Services

Downtime can be detrimental to legal operations, leading to loss of billable hours and critical information. RDI Intuitive Technical (RDIT) offers proactive monitoring and around-the-clock support to identify and resolve IT issues before they escalate. Let our tenured team of Helpdesk professionals focus on IT so your organization can focus on your clients and cases without worrying about technical glitches. RDIT provides scalable solutions that can adapt to your firm's changing needs. Whether through expansion of network infrastructure or integration of new software, we’ll ensure that the technology supports your firm's long-term goals.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Natural and engineered disasters can strike at any time. RDIT assists legal firms in creating comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans, securely and regularly backing up data. By putting redundant measures in place, we ensure that critical information is safeguarded and easily restored in the event of a catastrophe. Should the unexpected occur, our disaster recovery protocols swiftly restore your data, minimizing downtime and safeguarding data integrity. Count on RDIT to provide a secure safety net, guaranteeing your firm remains steadfast, efficient, and unyielding in the face of adversity.

Cloud Management

RDIT supports many clients in the legal industry when it comes to Cloud Migrations, Infrastructure Management, Remote Access, and Document Management. Our team helps your firm in the set up and management of servers, cloud storage, and networking, focusing on optimal performance and security of sensitive legal information. Ensure your attorneys and staff are able to collaborate and share case files and documents securely from any location or device, while saving in comparison to traditional on-premise solutions.

Fractional CIO and CISO/CSO Support

Leverage cutting-edge technologies and maximize IT investments to achieve excellence through our Fractional Chief Information Officer and Chief (Information) Security Officer services. Our Fractional Support team will give the firm access to expertise to support the development of strategic technology roadmaps, optimization of IT infrastructure and vendor management, and maintenance of robust cybersecurity posture. From identifying and implementing innovative solutions, to overseeing technical teams and ensuring seamless operations, our Fractional CIO and CISO/CSO are committed to driving your firm's technological success.

RDIT understands that each legal firm has unique requirements. We work closely with your practice to design and implement customized IT solutions that align with your specific needs. From cloud computing, Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, to Business Continuity and Data Recovery, RDIT ensures that your IT systems are fully optimized and integrated into your firm's workflow.

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