Exchange Information

RDIT understands the need for convergence of traditionally fragmented systems. Infrastructure, structured cabling, security, audio/video systems, and computer systems need to work together and exchange information seamlessly. Each element requires specific design considerations, where business applications rely on a consistent and reliable network architecture for optimum data flow. From single site applications to enterprise level, multi-campus deployments, we offer design, project management, implementation, and support.

Structured Cabling
– Fiber & Cable

RDI Intuitive Technical is a leader in providing high performance, low cost Internet Broadband Connections to businesses. RDIT can provide Fiber/Ethernet, Cable and DSL Connections. All of our connections are managed and monitored 24×7 at no additional cost.


  • High speed connections ranging 5M-1GB
  • Download and upload speeds are the same
  • Highly reliable, Easily scalable, High availability and uptime
  • Best for integrated voice & data applications and VoIP


  • Value connections - high speed at a low cost
  • Higher latency than Fiber/Ethernet circuits
  • Occasional down time
  • Run digital workplace voice or VoIP across it


  • Secure Fixed Point to Point Wireless Internet Connections
  • Primary connection or as a backup connection
  • Not a cellular connection
  • Tower & radio fixed point wireless connection

Physical Security

Local security solutions to keep your business safe. RDIT offers high-quality business security systems that protect you against a wide range of internal and external threats. We provide system design and installation, preventive maintenance, repairs and 24/7 remote monitoring.

Our physical security solutions include:

  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Integration services
  • Monitoring services
  • Access control and fire detection

Sound Masking

Unlike white noise, sound masking is specifically engineered to match the frequencies of human speech and to sound comfortable, even pleasant, to the human ear. Sound masking just fades into the background “hum” of a workplace while simultaneously making speech more difficult to hear and understand.

Reduce Noise Distractions

Conversations over 15 feet away will fade into the background, making it easier for employees to concentrate.

Protect Speech Privacy

Employees can speak more freely knowing their conversations won’t be overheard by people across the room or in adjacent private offices.

Improve Workplace Acoustics

Sound masking helps create a balanced, comfortable acoustical environment that’s not too quiet, not too loud, but just right.

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