Healthcare IT Services and Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

At RDI Intuitive Technical, there are a number of customized healthcare IT services and solutions that we provide to those in the healthcare technology industry. Some of the ways that our technology can help you includes:

Cybersecurity Services

Because of the size of the healthcare system and the time-sensitive nature of the services they provide, the healthcare industry is a common target for security hackers and criminals. You provide lifesaving healthcare to numerous patients, which is why you deserve to have the best cybersecurity measures against security protection like viruses, malware, ransomware, and more. Trust RDI to help you make security measures safe.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

You have important data on patients that your doctors need to make healthcare decisions. Do you have reliable technology backups for these services? What happens if you lose the data? That is where our team comes in. We know how to store your data backups safely and securely, preventing them from being lost.

Hardware and Software Procurement

Your hospital needs to have enough hardware and software to run efficiently. This means having the latest technology, hardware and software on the market. We have the connections to help you find these items at a reasonable cost.

Managed Healthcare IT Services

When you invest in our managed healthcare IT services, there are a few benefits that you will receive. These include:

Predictable Costs for Healthcare IT

We know that it is costly to deliver healthcare. We know that your managed overhead costs need to be predictable. That is exactly what you will get from us.

Continuous Improvement

We are always striving to do better, just like the medical doctors who work with you. We will optimize our managed services to ensure that your needs are met. Our team is quick, responsive, and reliable.

A Flexible Model

We know that your volumes may fluctuate throughout the course of the year. That is why we will work with you to scale up or down as needed.

Management Adaptability

We can be as involved as you want us to be. If you want us to take a hands-off approach, we are happy to do just that. If you would rather us manage every detail, our team is equipped to manage this approach as well.

Cut your costs
+ eliminate
unplanned expenditures

Decrease user
difficulties and
overall downtime

Adjust your scale
according to
business needs

Enhance security
capabilities and
business continuity


IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

At RDI Intuitive Technical, there are a number of managed IT solutions that we provide to those in the healthcare industry. Some of the ways that we can help you include:

Focus Your Resources

We know that it can be hard for a hospital to maintain its own IT department. We know that this is going to play a major role in the patient experience. That is why we are here to improve your systems and solutions to boost the experience a patient might have in your hospital. We do this by allowing you to focus your resources on what matters most to the patient. Allow us to leverage new IT systems to meet your needs, allowing you to focus on each patient who comes to your hospital.


Our IT support services have been designed to grow with you. Support and scalability mitigates issues with an increasing disaster discovery plan within healthcare IT systems. We maintain contact with some of the leaders in the healthcare industry. This allows us to scale our services up or down as your environment and systems demand changes. Our applications are here to meet your needs, whatever they might be. If your hospital is full of patients who need help, we are happy to reanalyze and upgrade your plan.

Align Our Services with Your Goals

Regardless of what your goals for your hospital or practice might be, we are here to help furnish you with the applications and useful technology. We do not want your IT support team to become a burden; that is why we will take it off of your hands. Our consulting services will place your hospital or practice in an environment to succeed. We will use our management systems to improve your technology services to ensure proper patient care.

Why You Should Outsource Your Healthcare IT Support to Us

If you are looking for IT help desk support in Cincinnati for your business, then look no further than us. At RDI Intuitive Technical, our business places the needs of our clients first. This means your patients. With our business’s new systems and our ability to improve the experience of your patients, we will place your business in a position to be successful. Our business is here to work with your business to make sure that you have everything you need to provide exceptional service to your customers. Our business will prioritize the security of your data, maximize your productivity, and protect your sensitive data. We will leverage our connections throughout the industry to make sure that your data security and needs are met. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your healthcare business!

How our Healthcare IT Support Services and Solutions Help Your Practice

There are a few ways that our healthcare IT support solutions can help you with your practice. These include:

Leverage Cloud Tools

We will leverage our IT solutions to help you access the cloud and its remote monitoring technology. This means that you can safely and securely access the information and technology that you need to make important healthcare decisions.

Unlimited Access and Support

We know that in healthcare there is no time to wait. That is why we provide you with unlimited support 24/7. We know that your practice is always on call. That is why our team is on call as well.

Certified Professionals and Experts

The most valuable resource we have is the people who work for us. With our team of engineers and IT professionals, we can solve any problem quickly. Contact us today!

HIPAA Compliance Requirements

Doctor’s offices and healthcare clinics may not understand how to care for certain HIPAA compliant aspects. Following HIPAA compliance regulations and technical obligations can be confusing. There are a wide range of HIPAA compliance services available, but these compliance services only drop off HIPAA compliant templates. These compliance services are of little use to those who wish to be HIPAA compliant.

RDIT takes the time to understand HIPAA compliance requirements while providing deep HIPAA compliant expertise. We implement HIPAA compliant solutions, making sure you follow HIPAA compliance throughout your entire organization.

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Our team of tenured professionals enjoy working with a team that embodies its core values - STRIVE, IMPACT, GRIT, and HUSTLE. Our culture is a true differentiator amongst the Healthcare IT service industry, with professional experts that have been with RDIT for years. 

We are here to help you make smarter technology decisions, increase ROI, and continuously improve your IT healthcare solutions.