Advanced Technology & Threat Intelligence Network Protection

The best way to handle a threat from the outside is to prevent it from gaining access to the business in the first place. This is where advanced threat monitoring with an advanced firewall is key. At RDI Intuitive Technical, that is what we provide. Our managed security network services will make sure that any potential threat from the outside is identified as quickly as possible. Then, with our support solutions, we will take measures to keep your business safe. We will operate in the background allowing you to focus on what your company does on a daily basis. We will only notify you if we have to. Count on us to keep you safe from cybercriminals.

Security Management

When it comes to network security management, there are a few measures that we take. First, we will maintain your network security on a regular basis. This means looking for hardware and software updates that can be used to upgrade your defenses.
Next, managed security services also mean testing your defenses regularly. The point of this testing is to identify potential vulnerabilities in your defenses before they are found by criminals. This is important for making sure that your data is protected from harm.
Finally, our support solutions team will also take a look at trends throughout the internet as a whole. We want to see what the most common vulnerabilities are throughout the industry. We are interested in learning how criminals are exploiting openings in other networks. This allows us to keep you as safe as possible. You can count on RDIs comprehensive services.

Advanced Threat Services

Our advanced threat services encompass a wide range of issues. First, we protect your network from harm with an advanced firewall. A firewall is one of the first-line defenses against unscrupulous individuals who seek to gain access to your network. While a firewall is an important part of managed security services, this alone is not enough. We know that many employees are interested in working from home. This means that they might be outside the typical server.
That is why we also leverage the power of a virtual private network, or VPN. This allows employees to keep important company data safe from harm even when they aren't physically at work. Our management team thinks of everything so that you don't have to. We will provide you with the help and expertise to keep these threats at bay.

Security Monitoring

Our management team keeps its eyes peeled on a regular basis to make sure that any threats are identified as early as possible. Right now, there are a few major threats to your business. One of the biggest is called a ransomware attack, which will lock up your server until you pay a ransom. As one of the biggest threats out there, we will leverage our expertise to keep you safe from harm. This is one of the backbones of our managed security services. We monitor for the biggest threats and ensure that there is a plan in place to help you prevent an attack.

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Vulnerability Management

One of the ways that our monitoring systems will help you is through vulnerability management. We will take a look at your existing security services, including your firewall, and figure out where upgrades or patches are needed. This will involve testing your system. It is better for us to find the holes in your security system before the criminals do. Then, we can upgrade your security and strengthen your defenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

At RDI Intuitive Technical, some of the most common questions that we hear include:

What is a managed security service provider and can they help with Internet security?

Yes, at RDI Intuitive Technical, that is the focus of what we do! We provide security services for you when you use the internet. Our number one goal is to help you stay safe in the virtual world.

What is managed detection and response?

We use our expertise to detect a potential threat to your business as early as possible. Then, our management team gets rid of it before it can cause harm to your organization.

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