Systems Improvement: Managed IT Services

The Challenge

A buyer was evaluating a potential acquisition of an energy-efficient commercial lighting fixtures manufacturer (“Company”). There was concern with the overall IT system performance and how it could support growth. RDIT was brought onboard to complete a critical information security assessment as part of the initial due dilligence process.

The Deployment

Upon deployment, the RDIT team, including a fractional Chief Information Security Officer, found multiple deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the Company’s Cybersecurity, Backup, and Support systems. RDIT’s delivered assessment was thorough, clear and understandable for “non-techs”.

    • Hardware at the end of its life-cycle had a high likelihood of catastrophic failure
    • Inefficient segregation of systems created Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery vulnerabilities
    • NO IT strategy was in place and no systemic reviews had been conducted.

The buyer leveraged this information in the final purchase of the company and hired RDIT to complete the necessary changes outlined in the assessment. RDIT worked with the new management team to revamp infrastructure and processes, and eliminate Information Technology silos with the organization. The goal was to fully incorporate Cybersecurity and Business Continuity initiatives into the Company’s aggressvie growth strategy. Using industry=best resources, RDIT implemented a “5 yearfuture-proofing” strategy to support not just the company’s overall systems health, but its imminent move to 24×7 operations.

The Results

Employing cross-functional teams, RDIT completed the implementations – from wiring to hardware. As a result, the security of the Company’s IT Systems was significantly enhanced. RDIT was instrumental in supporting the Company’s growth and reducing the operational costs of supporting IT systems.

    • Systems are now faster and more efficient.
    • Risks have been mitigated.
    • Productivity has increased.
    • A 24×7 IT Help Desk has been established.

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