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How to Transition from a Legacy PBX Phone System to Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

RDI is a nationwide telecommunication provider with the people and resources to implement VoIP solutions for your business or organization. RDI provides superior service and support and can help customers seamlessly ease their transition into Voice-over-IP to begin enjoying benefits immediately.

RDI Intuitive Technical - VoIP Phone SystemNo Boundaries with Voice-over-IP

VoIP knows no geographic boundaries. A business is not limited to a geolocation to make or receive a call or to customers or its employees. Customers are not limited to a specific piece of telecom hardware or specific vendor. RDI staff of talented experts can analyze your needs and match you with the right phone solution allowing your employees to work productively everywhere and anywhere.

Superior Resources

RDI selects the best VoIP hardware and best products for our Cloud PBX platform. Our VoIP and SIP protocols follow industry standards. Our platform can manage all your phones no matter where employees or phones are located. RDI’s Voice-over-IP network allows customers to make calls anywhere around the world.

Virtual World

Transferring your phone system to RDI’s VoIP platform means you now operate in a virtual world and are not subject to geographical restrictions that apply to traditional or legacy phone lines. Employees can be located across the county and speak to each other without paying long-distance toll charges. Regardless of your company’s size, VoIP phone systems are now the standard for successful businesses and allow companies to reap value in synergizing all their telecommunication needs. A business does not have to incur massive up-front costs by moving to VoIP versus a traditional phone system. RDI makes it easy to operate in a virtual world with a minimal up-front investment.

Hybrid VoIP Model

The transition to VoIP does not have to be all at once.  Some companies prefer to keep their existing legacy PBX platform for a while longer and that does not preclude them from moving in the right direction with VoIP. Many traditional PBX systems use SIP Trunks and PRI Circuits to communicate. RDI can show you how to reduce your monthly voice costs by implementing our SIP Trunk and Virtual PRI solutions while maintaining your existing hardware and phones.  RDI’s Hybrid Voice-over-IP Solution can help you lay the foundation for a better telecommunication solution and start gaining the many benefits. The transition to full VoIP then becomes easier to implement in the future.

World Moving to Voice-over-IP

The world is moving to VoIP and companies that use non-VoIP phone systems will be at a disadvantage. VoIP has now gained market dominance and has replaced traditional phone systems as the premier telecommunication solution for companies and consumers around the world. VoIP solutions are now employed by all major companies. Your company needs to look at VoIP solutions for their telecommunication needs to help you stay competitive in this ever-changing and diverse world and to allow your employees to work without boundaries and restrictions. RDI VoIP and telecommunication solutions can help you get there.

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Mark L Griffith
Managing Director Central Ohio