No Boundaries with Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

RDI Intuitive Technical has full-service telecom and IP phone solutions for your company. We sell, install, and support Cloud/Hosted PBX and Voice over IP (VoIP) or Cloud calling systems. VoIP phones can run across fiber and cable connections which eliminates expensive landlines and circuits. You do not have to buy an expensive PBX system to keep at your office, our PBX Servers are stored in our Cloud and we pay the costs to maintain. Multiple office locations can be linked easily into one Cloud PBX System hosted by RDIT.

Standard VoIP Solutions

 Basic features for VoIP System.

  • Basic Auto Attendants - business and after-hours auto attendant trees.
  • Ring/Hunt Groups – Ring X phones simultaneously, or following a specified pattern of ringing.
  • Basic Voice Features:
    • Extension to extension dialing
    • Local & Long Distance calls
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding
    • E911
    • Phone-Based Conference calling
  • Voicemail
  • Call Records
  • Paging
  • Caller ID Management
  • Call Blocking
  • Remote Voicemail Access
  • Basic Analog Line –faxing, elevators, mine shafts

Delux Add-on VoIP Solutions

Flexible options to add-on.

  • Parking Lots – Replace analog multi-line systems.
  • Valet Parking –Place call in the lot of your choice with a single button press. Available on FreePBX.
  • Conference Lines– Extensions have an external number. Allows for a group to be on the same call with name announcements and mediator support.
  • Call Recording– Setup calls to be recorded on a limited or longer-term basis.
    • Tier-1 support - call recordings provided upon request.
    • Tier-2 support - direct FTP access to recorded files.
  • International Calling – with PIN
  • Speed Dial support
  • Intercom Support
  • Queues – support call queues
  • Voicemail Transcription – in email notification.
  • Basic OnCall Service  – Support for after-hours forwarding of calls to an on-call number.


For Enterprise clients needing advance features:

  • Administrative Portal
  • User Dashboards
  • Commercial Modules – providing access to paid features like Paging Pro, Call Center Stats, and various other capabilities beyond our standard.


EFax After Hours Voicemail

Set up a professional message that is heard by callers, and provides a menu to let them navigate to their desired mailbox.

  • This system provides after-hours access to the voicemail via passcodes, and also supports automated forwarding to cell phones
  • Provides call-back support for voicemail messages
  • Provides call-out support for those who wish to use company Caller-ID on outgoing cell phone calls.

OnCall Support with Google Calendars

Advanced Service supports Google Calendar for managing the service schedule.

  • Supports a “split” for days when there are two people covering the after-hours clients
  • Supports an IVR to allow callers to select which number they need to contact.

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