A Behavioral Health Group Saves More Than 30% on Their IT Budget by Partnering with RDI

A multistate behavioral health group was experiencing significant vendor invoicing and poor service for outsourced phone and IT services.  Locations were also experiencing telehealth concerns exacerbated by the increased demand for services.  Questions existed with the Management team regarding true needs and capacity in addition to best contracting and pricing options for client locations.

The Behavioral Health Group Challenge

RDI was asked to review present service offerings and invoicing in addition to assuring that correct resources and best practices were in place for pending volume and site expansions.

Our Approach

The RDI teams performed a network and phone assessment in addition to validating the back-up and security capabilities of existing infrastructure.  Vendor agreements were reviewed and compared to monthly invoicing and contractual commitments.

RDI reviewed service concerns with the Management team and Counselors to discover direct concerns they were experiencing.

Success Results

Research revealed several issues related to cost and service commitments.  Of most significance was the group was paying for multiple connections that were being billed but not utilized or required.  It was also discovered they were connected to the slowest service provider thus maximum bandwidth capabilities were not being utilized.

Speed and pricing options for the group were identified for present sites and proposed expansions. Phone service, connectivity issues, and contractual variances were qualified as well.

Cost savings resulting from the rework and assessment was almost three times the cost of RDI project services; an unexpected data point that the group was immediately able to reinvest in communication infrastructure needs and support, expanding their security and capabilities while maintaining budget considerations.

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