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RDIT provides NIST 800-171 consulting services in New Castle, PA. If you need a trusted and experienced NIST 800-171 company, reach out to us today. Our team offers the most advanced solutions and NIST 800-171 services to meet your needs. Contact us today to speak to a NIST 800-171 consultant.

The laws continue to change, and it falls on the shoulders of companies to meet changing compliance requirements. At RDIT, we are a NIST 800-171 consulting company, working to ensure that our clients have the ability to meet all of the necessary compliance requirements they have with ease. Utilizing our NIST 800-171 services, your business can minimize any risks of paying costly fines or falling victim to attacks. We encourage you to reach out to our NIST 800-171 company today to learn how we can help you.

What Should You Know About NIST 800-171?

The U.S. Department of Defense requires that all contractors that are working with it meet the necessary NIST 800-171 requirements. Our team works to ensure that you are achieving NIST 800-171 compliance so that you meet all necessary requirements to work with the government on an ongoing basis. This includes ensuring the best security measures are in place to defend against cyber incidents of all types.

If you are a contractor with the U.S. Department of Defense that does the following, you must meet NIST compliance regulations:

  • Collect data
  • Store data
  • Transmit data

That includes data for the Covered Defense Information (CDI) or the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) protocols. Keep in mind that as a primary contractor – you are also responsible for ensuring your subcontractors meet these requirements as well. Our NIST 800-171 consulting team can help ensure that this is occurring in your situation. 

Why Is NIST 800-171 So Important?

Working with our NIST 800-171 company helps to minimize many of the risks you face as a business. When you hold this compliance, that means you adhere to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s specific rules that fall under the Special Publication 800-171. This is called the Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations.

Here is what is complicated. There are 14 requirement families and a total of 110 unique requirements that you must meet. EACH of these must be met. 

Why Work with RDIT for Compliance?

Utilizing NIST 800-171 services ensures that you meet the requirements and maintain them over time. Without a doubt, this can be a complicated process, and there are numerous factors to keep in mind. Our goal is to ensure you remain compliance which ultimately means: 

  • Maintaining full protection of all sensitive data
  • Ensuring your company remains for U.S. Department of Defense contracts
  • Maintain all government-adjacent contracts
  • Long-term stability in workflows can occur

Organizations that fail to meet these requirements may not secure contracts for projects or work. That limits your business’s ability to meet your ongoing needs. If you fail to maintain this type of company, you risk losing a contract that you already have in place. This can also limit your relationships with the Department of Defense and other government organizations, making working in the field nearly impossible again. In some situations, there are also penalties and even criminal charges when you fail to meet compliance requirements.

Let our team help you remain NIST 800-171 compliant. We use the most modern and efficient tools to constantly focus on improving your security, reducing risks, and help you meet compliance requirements on an ongoing basis.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Reach out to RDIT today. Our NIST 800-171 company can work closely with you to ensure you qualify for all compliance requirements. Then, with our ongoing NIST 800-171 consulting, we can ensure that you maintain it long term, keeping your position with the Department of Defense in good standing. Learn more today by contacting RDIT for NIST 800-171 consulting services in New Castle, PA.

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