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RDI IT is your trusted local anti-phishing awareness training services provider in the Mansfield, OH area. We have designed our anti-phishing awareness training program to help companies like yours identify and reduce employee susceptibility to social engineering, phishing, and spear-phishing attacks. Our customers are continuously satisfied with our anti-phishing awareness training services and methodology to reduce susceptibility to attacks and other malware infections. Join them and start building the foundation of your company-wide cybersecurity strategy. Contact us today.

What is a Phishing Attack? 

Phishing is the fraudulent use of emails to induce individuals to reveal personal and sensitive company information such as login credentials. During the attack, attackers masquerade as trusted entities to dupe victims into opening emails, instant messages, or text messages containing malware. Scammers and hackers also use phishing attacks to steal user data.

Phishing remains one of the most pernicious and widespread forms of cyberattacks, with new strategies becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Why You Need Anti-Phishing Awareness Training Services

Phishing awareness training remains an ongoing commitment that we have dedicated our time and resources to provide. We help ensure that you have systems to report attacks immediately and ensure your employees know how critical it is to follow through in reporting incidences.

We know that dealing with the repercussions of phishing attacks is costly and time-consuming. It takes one careless click to potentially bring your entire network down, which is why we stress the need to work together to protect the company.

We recommend structured semiannual or annual cybersecurity awareness training, but you should also give your employees on-the-fly anti-phishing awareness training services to fill the awareness gap.

Additionally, should an employee click on a phishing link, you should give them immediate feedback and additional training to prevent future incidences. Sit them down and review the email together, highlighting the indicators and red flags they missed. You should also provide them with additional training materials.

If all this sounds complicated and tasking, consider bringing in an anti-phishing awareness training provider to get the job done. 

Our Anti-Phishing Awareness Training Approach

We focus on the following anti-phishing awareness strategy to help you protect your systems, networks, and data from attacks:


The first step in our program is assessing how susceptible your employees and company are to phishing attacks. Once we identify end users who fall for our simulated attacks, we automatically present them with teachable moments to offer just-in-time anti-phishing training and guidance. Next, we show them what they did wrong and provide quick tips to avoid future threats.


Our training focuses on educating employees on why phishing and social engineering are harmful to the company and empowering them to detect, avoid, and report phishing attempts. Depending on our client’s organizational culture, we can deliver this training via written documents, online videos, classroom meetings, department or company meetings, or a combination of the above.

Reinforce: We believe in reinforcing best practices to improve retention.

Tracking, Measurement, and Analysis: Measuring progress and analyzing the results provide value on multiple levels, including identifying the program’s ROI. We create and share detailed reports of our findings to give clients broad and granular insights into their assessments and anti-phishing training results. In addition, analysis helps determine which areas your employees need additional training in to prevent future incidents. 

Rely on RDIT as Your Anti-Phishing Awareness Training Company

RDIT is a trusted Mansfield, OH area anti-phishing awareness training services provider. We provide a comprehensive training program that helps you assess your employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks and then educate them, reinforce the best practices, and help you track and analyze the results. Contact us today.

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