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RDIT specializes in providing SOC solutions in the Dublin, OH area. Find out why you should be working with our Security Operation Center for your company’s highest level of protection. We’re the trusted SOC company you need. Contact us today to speak to a SOC solutions consultant.

Working with an SOC solutions provider could be the best investment you make in your company. SOC is a type of centralized function within your organization. It works to continuously monitor as well as improve your organization’s security. To do this, our SOC company works to prevent, detect, and analyze any type of cybersecurity incidents that occur. When needed, our security operation center then goes to work to create a solution to properly respond to that threat. At RDIT, we are confident we can help provide you with the tools you need for your business’s security. 

Modernize Your SOC with Our Team

By working with our team, we can create the SOC solutions your organization needs to compete with the increasing risks and complications faced today by businesses in every sector. Without a doubt, your business needs to stay at the top of your game when it comes to preventing and managing workload and endpoint security platforms to ensure they can meet the challenges of today’s environment.

We provide you with the tools you need to manage detections quickly and to try to find the very best solution possible available. 

What is Managed Firewall Monitoring?

Managed firewall monitoring is a service that proactively maintains firewall policies, rules, and updates. Firewall management is typically the task of managed security service providers (MSSP) that offer a firewall as a service (FaaS). This includes VPN audits, intrusion protection, and real-time security responses when a potential risk thrives. The key role of firewall monitoring services is to keep a business safe from data breaches.

Comprehensive SOC Solutions for Your Business

Every year, companies become victims of cybersecurity threats at faster and more prominent levels. There is no organization that is safe from these risks. Our goal is to provide the Security Operation Center solutions your organization needs to avoid complex problems and costly limitations. We work to provide: 

Round-the-clock monitoring solutions so nothing goes unattended for a long period of time

Efficient action – distinguishing threats with ease

Asset control over the holes and other weaknesses that could be limiting your organization within your security matrix

Off-site support for large and small organizations

Reducing the costs so that you do not have to employ onsite people to manage your system

Now Is the Time to Act

Cybersecurity is bolder, more difficult to predict, and constantly evolving. Without a modern solution, you may not see the support you need to keep your business protected.

Without the proper solutions in place, your organization could face financial limitations, lawsuits from lost information, and the inability to operate your business efficiently. 

Trust Our Technology and Our SOC Company

As a trusted and experienced SOC company, we know how important it is for you to have the tools you need in place. Our tech infrastructure is designed to be innovative and at the top of its game – so we can protect your business as well.

With our services, you can expect exceptional results:

  • Choose the level of service and support right for your organization now 
  • Enable our team to provide comprehensive services, including security information and event management solutions 
  • Reduced response time – we will be there to get the work done for you as quickly as possible 
  • When there is a risk, we provide fast deployment, ensuring increased stability for your business 
  • Complete threat monitoring at the highest level, ensuring the best, most broad level of threat protection possible 
  • Automated solutions and alarm prioritization to minimize risks that are particularly worrisome fast 

We offer customizable, high-quality resources to help ensure you have the best outcome possible. Don’t leave your business unprotected any longer.

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Protect your business. Let our SOC company guide you through that process. Put your trust in our SOC solutions and know that your organization has the tools and resources needed to do well against whatever threats may come. Contact our Security Operations Center solution today to learn more about the resources we can offer to you. 

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