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RDIT is your trusted local Security Information and Event Management solutions provider in the Cleveland, OH area. SIEM solutions offer streamlined compliance reporting, superior incident detection, and more efficient incident handling. Contact us today to speak to a SIEM consultant.

What Are Security Information and Event Management Solutions?

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a solution designed to help organizations detect, analyze, and respond to security threats before they have a chance to interfere with business operations.

SIEM systems typically include the following capabilities:

  • Log management: SIEM systems collect, centralize, and organize data to determine whether it shows signs of a threat or attack. 
  • Event correlation: Data gets sorted to identify relationships and patterns and detect or respond to potential threats. 
  • Incident monitoring and response: The system also monitors security incidents across your company’s network, providing alerts and audits of all relevant activity. 

Benefits of SIEM Solutions

SIEM systems offer many benefits to organizations across various industries, including those listed below:

Enhanced Visibility

By aggregating all logs across on-premises and cloud-based applications, you can maintain better oversight of your network even as your company grows.

Ongoing Data Parsing

Many SIEMs offer ongoing data parsing, which allows you to correlate data more efficiently for threat analysis and investigation.

Log Correlation

SIEM systems can collect logs and correlate them for more efficient analysis, allowing for the creation of security alerts, trends, reports, and more.

Threat Detection

Improved data correlation and analysis allow for better threat detection and alerting of compromises or threats that could lead to a breach.

Improved Compliance

Many compliance regulations, including HIPAA, CMMC, NIST, FFIEC, and PCI DSS, require organizations to collect and keep a history of audit logs and produce security reports regularly for auditors. SIEM systems make it easy for you to keep up with these guidelines.

SIEM Implementation Services in Cleveland

Before you start using an SIEM system at your organization, it’s important to know how you can set yourself and your team up for a successful implementation. Here are some of the most essential best practices to keep in mind: 
Understand Implementation Scope
First, make sure you fully understand the scope of the system implementation and how it will be used across your organization. Consider how your business will benefit from deployment and who will be affected by it. 
Design and Apply Rules 
Design and apply pre-established data correlation rules to all systems and networks, including any cloud deployments. Taking care of this now will help with the data management processes after the system has been implemented. 

Identify Compliance Requirements
Identify your business’s specific compliance requirements. Then, ensure your SIEM system is configured to audit and report on these standards.

Catalog and Classify Digital Assets
Take inventory of and classify all your company’s digital assets. Doing so will help with managing data collection, access abuse detection, and network activity monitoring. 

Establish Policies
Establish clear policies, configurations, and restrictions that you want to be monitored while integrating your SIEM solution.

Regularly Evaluate and Adjust Configurations
Regularly evaluate and adjust your SIEM configurations to reduce false positives in your security alerts. 

Document and Review Incident Response Plans
Document and regularly review incident response plans and workflows. Doing so ensures that teams can respond quickly to incidents that require intervention. 

Automate as Much as Possible
Utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies when possible to automate processes and increase efficiency. 

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Security information and event management systems help your business be more compliant with industry regulations, detect threats sooner, and be more proactive with your data security processes and protocols.

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